1. Be certified to help over 10,000+ growing clients worldwide improve their financial future
  2. Extensive suite of artificial intelligence tools help you improve client portfolios
  3. Know your clients ‘True Risk Profile’, so you can recommend custom solutions
  4. Zoom ahead of your competition - Only one trusted financial advisor per zip code get highlighted on website
  5. Make predictions and show your clients how good you were in predicting markets
  6. Weekly analytics of financial markets and their future direction
  7. Free marketing – We raise awareness about you in community via various channels
  8. You would be on world #1 website. Search in Google or Bing "Trusted Financial Advisor" - Our site is always on top
  9. Trusted reviews – We validate both client and advisor to ensure there are no fake reviews
  10. Clients come to our app / websites daily - Highest client engagement
  11. You get your own trusted link like: https://www.trustedfinancialadvisor.org/TFA/your_name

Trusted Financial Advisor was created to solve these problems:

Problem #1: How much confidence can I have on recommendations from financial advisor?

Problem #2: Financial advisors don’t like to disclose their past performance

Problem #3: Is your financial advisor having right credential to help you?

Problem #4: Can they help in both short term and long-term investments?

Problem #5: Am I stuck with one advisor OR can I seek feedback from multiple advisors?

  1. We verify every advisor so that you are always working with a trusted advisor
  2. Some sites charge fees to improve rankings - WE DO NOT DO THAT. Advisors cannot pay to improve their rankings
  3. Every advisor is measured on basis of their performance. "No fake reviews"
  4. Website for community – "Not profit"
  5. Hybrid advisors - We empower "Human Financial Advisors" to become smarter than "Robots of future"

How you I become TFA ?

  • You have valid credentials - CFA, CFP, similar or atleast 5 years experience in investment management
  • You are serving atleast 10 customers
  • You provide your market vision atleast once every year

How can I become Highly Rated TFA - There is only one Highly Rated TFA per zip code?

TFA to put their market vision regarding stocks, gold, oil as many times as they want

The more closer your vision would be to real life, the higher you score

Even if you are not best at forecasting, the number of clients you are advising would help your score move up

How your clients think of you

No amount of money you pay to us can improve your rankings

Increasing your ranking depends on multiple factors like below :

  1. How many people are you advising ?
  2. How easily are you accessible to your clients ?
  3. How your clients think of you ?
  4. We validate your credentials manually
  5. How well can you predict the markets
  • TFA can provide their market vision regarding stocks, gold, oil
  • The closer their prediction is to real life, the higher your ranking
Yes, this way, we do not have to keep your passwords on our server. We do not ask for any additional permissions to access your data
  • We encrypt all data to military-grade security.
  • Only you have access to your data.
  • We authenticate you using Google or Facebook. This ensures that we never have access to your password.
  • We aim to be more than just being HIPAA compliant and your data is not visible to anyone
  • Our server use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and public key infrastructure that uses the RSA method of encryption and authentication via security certificates. It helps to establish a secure connection between the client and the server through the secure protocol HTTPS.

Best Advisor

Both TINO IQ and TFA (Trusted Financial Advisor) helps investors/traders in preserving and growing their capital
  • TINO IQ focusses on short term trading ideas - 1 to 2 weeks
  • Trusted Financial Advisor focuses on long term. In addition, it also empowers financial professionals to help their clients

TFA accreditation:

  1. Allows you to display TFA materials that lets customers and potential customers know they can do business with you confidently
  2. Provides customers with reliability reports that identifies you as an Accredited Business and confirms the good reputation you've earned
  3. Alerts you to scams and frauds targeting your business and provides you with information on suppliers and charities
  4. Helps resolve outstanding disputes so your business can avoid costly litigation and retain customers
  5. Raises business practices in your industry so your business can compete fairly and honestly